Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Step up week!

As part of Step up week in our school each class had to record the number of steps they did each day. The class with the highest number of steps at the end of each week won either the golden boot, silver boot or the flip flop. Room 2 have been so busy - we counted up to 20,000 steps during Step up week in January! We went on our Shape walk, danced to Zumba in our classroom and did our exercises in the yard every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Last Friday it was announced that Room 2 came 3rd in the whole school and we get to keep the flip flop in our classroom! Teacher is so so proud of all the boys and girls in Room 2.

Santa's Visit to Scoil Mhuire

On the very last day of term before Christmas Holidays we had a very very special visitor to Scoil Mhuire- Santa!! We all gathered in the hall, just as we were sitting down we could hear the sound of the bells and Santa's Sleigh landing on the roof of the hall. This was so exciting!! A few minutes later Santa arrived in to the hall with a bag full of sweets and presents on his back. Each class sang Santa different Christmas songs, Junior Infants sang ' Here comes Santa Claus'. Santa gave us a bag of jellies each. We had such a lovely day.

Here are some pictures of us wearing our lovely Christmas Jumpers in the hall for Santa's Visit.

Christmas in Room 2

December was a very busy month for us in Room 2!! We spent most of the month practising for our very own Nativity Play - The Sleepy Shepherd. We had such fun learning all the different songs and lines for our play. We worked so hard every day and we finally performed the play for our parents and the whole school during the last week of school. Teacher was so proud of us and said that we were brilliant!!

Here are some pictures of us during the dress rehearsal for our Christmas Play.

The day after the play we all watched our selves on the whiteboard in Room 3. We had such fun looking at everyone singing all the songs and saying all their lines.

As part of our Christmas Art we made some Christmas Trees and Rudolph by cutting out triangles and cutting and pasting them on to pages. We used glitter to decorate our Christmas trees and we all got to pick a star to put on top too. Take a look at our wonderful Art from December!

December in Room 2

Our school got a very special visit from the RSA in December. Two people who work for the RSA came in and spoke to us about Road Safety. They laid out a big road in the hall. Each class got their turn to go down to the hall. We learned all about where it is safe and unsafe to cross the road. We know that we should only cross the road at traffic lights when the light is green and at the zebra crossing. We also learned that we should never cross the road at corners or at red lights. Here are some pictures of us practicing our safe cross code skills in the hall. We all took turns at being pedestrians, cyclists and even the bus!! It was such good fun.

At the end of the lesson we all got our very  own licence to bring home and show our mammies and daddies!