Friday, 17 March 2017

Travel and Trasnport

Our theme for February was Travel and Transport. We learned all about the different types of transport that exist in our world. We learned all about cars, trucks. buses, aeroplanes and even hot air balloons! We then talked about old and new transport. We looked at pictures and had to decide whether it was old or new. Here are some pictures of us sorting our pictures in to old and new transport.

We also sorted transport in to whether they are land, air, track or sea transport. Here we are sorting our transport pictures in to land, air, sea or tracks. We all decided that trains and trams travel on tracks buses, cars, motorbikes and bikes travel on land, Boats, submarines and canoes travel on the water and that helicopter, aeroplanes and hot air balloons travel in the sky.

We also set up our very own airport in our classroom as part of our Role Play Area for Aistear. We then invited Treasa in to talk to our class about working the airport. Treasa works in the airport for an airline called Are Lingus. She spoke to us all about checking in everyones bag, printing out their tickets and talking about how the airport works.

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