Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Planting Onions

Since our theme was Food in November. We all went out to the garden to plant our very own onions. Teacher handed us our own bulb that we had to plant in the soil. John Kelly, our caretaker,  was very kind and helped dig each patch of soil for us to put our onion in to. We then learned that the onions need water, soil and sunshine to grow. We hope to come back out to the garden in May or June to bring our very own onions home to our Mammies and Daddies. 

Here are some pictures of us planting our onions :)

November in Room 2

Our theme for the month of November was Food. We learned all about the different types of food we have in our world and learned about healthy and unhealthy food. As part of our theme teacher decided to bring in loads of fruit for us to try, we tried pineapples, grapes, berries, apples, oranges and strawberries! We used words like juicy, sour and sweet to describe the food we were eating! We really loved this day as we got to try fruit we have never tried before. Teacher is also very impressed because some of us are starting to bring in loads of fruit as part of our lunches each day. Here are some pictures of us trying some fruit in Room 2.

As part of our Aistear this month we went to visit the Cafe in the leisure centre in preparation for setting up our own Cafe in Room 2's role play area. We each had to bring in 2 euro and we got to order a drink and snack each at the counter. We learned to say please and thank you to the lady working in the cafe. We had great fun in the cafe and are looking forward to returning again.

Here are some pictures of us working away in our very own Cafe in Room 2

Friday, 28 October 2016

Halloween in Room 2

This week was a very exciting week in school! It was the week before our halloween holidays and we had really good fun in Room 2. We had our green school fashion show on Thursday. Every class in the school had to make a costume out of recycled materials, we chose to make capes in our class! We all got a sheet of plastic each and we got to stick on paper, glitter, materials and fabric. We had great fun making these and teacher thought we all did an amazing job!!Here we are in our classroom before the fashion show in the hall. Don't we look fantastic!!

On Friday we were allowed to dress up in our own costumes! Teacher was so impressed with all the different costumes. We had spider-man, superman, princesses , firemen, skeletons, vampires, devils, witches and even pirates!! Here are some pictures of us in our costumes.

We also made a witches potion in our class. Teacher brought in a cauldron, ingredients and a magic wand. We all got the chance to stir our magic potion. We decided to cast a magic spell that teacher would give us sweets at the end of the day, our spell came true!! We threw frogs legs, pumpkin juice and witches blood in to our potion. We watched it bubble and change colour as we stirred it. Here are some pictures of us with the magic witches potion!

During the week we made pumpkin masks as part of our Art Station in Aistear. We coloured them green, orange and black and cut them out. We decided that we would wear these on our way home on Friday after school to try and scare our Mammies and Daddies! Try and find us in the picture! Teacher thinks we look really scary!!

Happy Halloween from teacher and all the boys and girls in Room 2!!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Autumn Nature Walk

We have been learning all about the Season of Autumn this week in our classroom. We have noticed that the weather is getting colder and that the leaves are starting to change colour. Since we were so good teacher decided to bring us on an Autumn nature walk along the school grounds. We wrapped up in our jackets and hats as it was cold outside.
We went out to the convent grounds as this is where all the trees are.

We found some berries, chestnuts, sycamores and even some orange, red, and yellow leaves. We had great fun collecting all the different types of leaves. 

Aistear in Room 2

We decided to set up our very own classroom in our role play corner for Aistear this month in Room 2. We had to brainstorm as a class what we would need in our classroom. The boys and girls came up with some very good ideas. We decided that we would need tables, chairs, whiteboards, markers, papers, pens, pictures of the sounds we have covered so far, crayons and some teddies to sort in to matching pairs. Every group gets a turn in the role play corner every week. One person is the teacher and the other boys and girls have to pretend to be the little boys and girls in the class. We are really enjoying being the teacher!

Our other stations for this month are sand, where teacher has included some of the letter sounds we have learned so far. (S,A,T,P,I,N,C,K and E). We really enjoy trying to find all these letters that are hidden in our sandbox!

We also have a free paint station. We get to paint whatever we want in this station. Some of us have painted ourselves, our classroom and even Autumn Trees.
We have also had the opportunity to make hedgehogs using clay. We have to mould the clay first and roll it and press it to soften it down. We then roll the clay in to a ball and pinch a bit in the front to make its face. We then used matchsticks to make the spikes. We are going to paint these brown next week when the clay has dried.

John Kelly Visits Room 2

Since our theme for the month was School. John Kelly, our caretaker, decided to come and visit our classroom and tell us about his job in our school. He brought in all his tools and explained the purpose of each one to us. He brought in his hammer, saw, screw driver and even some screws. He explained what he does with each of them and told us that only adults should use all the tools and that children should never touch them. 
John Kelly told us that he opens the school every morning and locks it up every night. He has the keys to all the classrooms in the school!! He explained to us that he fixes things in our classroom if they ever break. Here are some pictures of John Kelly talking to our class.

When he left we all decided to draw a picture of John Kelly in our copies. Teacher thought we did an amazing job!!