Thursday, 20 October 2016

Aistear in Room 2

We decided to set up our very own classroom in our role play corner for Aistear this month in Room 2. We had to brainstorm as a class what we would need in our classroom. The boys and girls came up with some very good ideas. We decided that we would need tables, chairs, whiteboards, markers, papers, pens, pictures of the sounds we have covered so far, crayons and some teddies to sort in to matching pairs. Every group gets a turn in the role play corner every week. One person is the teacher and the other boys and girls have to pretend to be the little boys and girls in the class. We are really enjoying being the teacher!

Our other stations for this month are sand, where teacher has included some of the letter sounds we have learned so far. (S,A,T,P,I,N,C,K and E). We really enjoy trying to find all these letters that are hidden in our sandbox!

We also have a free paint station. We get to paint whatever we want in this station. Some of us have painted ourselves, our classroom and even Autumn Trees.
We have also had the opportunity to make hedgehogs using clay. We have to mould the clay first and roll it and press it to soften it down. We then roll the clay in to a ball and pinch a bit in the front to make its face. We then used matchsticks to make the spikes. We are going to paint these brown next week when the clay has dried.

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