Friday, 28 October 2016

Halloween in Room 2

This week was a very exciting week in school! It was the week before our halloween holidays and we had really good fun in Room 2. We had our green school fashion show on Thursday. Every class in the school had to make a costume out of recycled materials, we chose to make capes in our class! We all got a sheet of plastic each and we got to stick on paper, glitter, materials and fabric. We had great fun making these and teacher thought we all did an amazing job!!Here we are in our classroom before the fashion show in the hall. Don't we look fantastic!!

On Friday we were allowed to dress up in our own costumes! Teacher was so impressed with all the different costumes. We had spider-man, superman, princesses , firemen, skeletons, vampires, devils, witches and even pirates!! Here are some pictures of us in our costumes.

We also made a witches potion in our class. Teacher brought in a cauldron, ingredients and a magic wand. We all got the chance to stir our magic potion. We decided to cast a magic spell that teacher would give us sweets at the end of the day, our spell came true!! We threw frogs legs, pumpkin juice and witches blood in to our potion. We watched it bubble and change colour as we stirred it. Here are some pictures of us with the magic witches potion!

During the week we made pumpkin masks as part of our Art Station in Aistear. We coloured them green, orange and black and cut them out. We decided that we would wear these on our way home on Friday after school to try and scare our Mammies and Daddies! Try and find us in the picture! Teacher thinks we look really scary!!

Happy Halloween from teacher and all the boys and girls in Room 2!!

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