Thursday, 20 October 2016

John Kelly Visits Room 2

Since our theme for the month was School. John Kelly, our caretaker, decided to come and visit our classroom and tell us about his job in our school. He brought in all his tools and explained the purpose of each one to us. He brought in his hammer, saw, screw driver and even some screws. He explained what he does with each of them and told us that only adults should use all the tools and that children should never touch them. 
John Kelly told us that he opens the school every morning and locks it up every night. He has the keys to all the classrooms in the school!! He explained to us that he fixes things in our classroom if they ever break. Here are some pictures of John Kelly talking to our class.

When he left we all decided to draw a picture of John Kelly in our copies. Teacher thought we did an amazing job!!

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