Wednesday, 3 May 2017

March/April In Room 2

During the month of March we celebrated Saint Patricks day. We made shamrock headbands and learned a special Irish Dance for the annual Ceili that is held in Scoil Mhuire every year. Here are some pictures of us practicing our dance in the hall and ones of the actual Ceili!

We also celebrated Mothers Day at the end of March. We spoke about how much we love our Mammies and how we should look after them and help them around the house as much as we can. We also went on a special trip to the Garden Centre in Newlands cross to make our very own basket of flowers for our Mammies. We all stood around a table and we got to pick which flowers we wanted in our baskets. We all had to plant our own flowers by making a hole in the soil with our hands and putting the flowers in. Here are some pictures of us in the Garden Centre! We hope all the Mammies in Room 2 loved the flowers the boys and girls made them!




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